birds eye view of station agent joe charneskey 1930

Bartlett Depot Museum
Mission Statement

The Bartlett Depot Museum interprets and shares the legacy of the community's railroading heritage with the public through exhibitions, education and media to increase awareness and knowledge of the past, present and future significance of the railroad industry in Bartlett.

100 W. Railroad Ave.
Bartlett, Il. 60103
Admission: Free
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Pam Rohleder, Director

Operating Hours
Tuesday, noon to 5 p.m.
Thursday, noon to 5 p.m.
1st & 3rd Saturday of month
9 a.m. to noon


Current Exhibits


Over There Over Here! Bartlett and the Great War

"Bartlett shows its share of war spirit. Three of our best young men left Monday for Joliet where they will begin training." ~ Cook County Herald, April 20, 1917

World War I (1914-1918), also known as the Great War and the War to End All Wars, was fought between the Central Powers of the German and Ottoman Empires, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria (1915-1918), and the Allied Powers of France, British Empire, Russia (until 1917), United States (1917 -- 1918) and others. Bartlett answered the call to duty when its first three servicemen departed from the depot, today the Bartlett Depot Museum, on April 16, 1917. Sixteen more Bartlett men soon followed. Their 19 stories are documented in this exhibit.

Bartlett residents were no slackers when it came to their homefront efforts to support the war and their Yanks. Their patriotic stories also are illustrated through the efforts of the local chapter of the Red Cross, Bartlett School children, rationing and more.






All Aboard: Operation Station Restoration

Hanging the Bartlett sign
August 30, 2010- Workers hang a replica of the original "Bartlett." depot exterior sign.  Work was completed just in time for the September 12 dedication festivities.

Have you seen the old depot lately? The transformation is amazing! When the Bartlett Depot Museum opened its doors on September 12, 2010, the Village's original depot was back in service, but in a whole new way.

New windows and doors, that replicate the originals, have been installed and new wood siding has added a fresh face to the exterior. The interior of the depot was gutted, since the original finishes had all been removed during the past 137 years. And the new foundational finally gives the depot a firm footing on which to rest.

Some interesting facts and discoveries were made during the renovation. The first discovery was the original ticket window and its first location in the depot. It was found intact between the walls and is now situated in its old spot for everyone to see. In addition, after scraping, the original colors of the depot were discovered to be taupe gray with dark brown trim. Voila, the old colors are new again!

The freshly restored Bartlett Depot Museum will highlight the area's transportation heritage with permanent and changing exhibits.



image showing interior with wall stripped dow to studs





Restoration began with the removal of non-original interior surfaces. The original ticket window was discovered between the walls. Image-December 8, 2010.

image showing interior with supporting i beams for move image showing exterior with supporting i beams for move

The depot was built directly on the dirt in 1873 with no proper foundation. In order to pour a cement foundation the depot needed to be temporarily moved to accomplish this job. Images- January 6, 2010, preparing the depot for the move about a 100 feet to the west.

image showing bobcat outside of depot during move image showing exterior of depot after move

A bobcat and heavy duty chain was used to very slowly pull the depot from its footings inches at a time. The move took a few hours to complete. The day before the depot was raised up from the ground a few inches at a time using hydraulic jacks. Image-January 12, 2010

The successful move was completed by midday. In the foreground is the original footprint of the depot. Image-January 12, 2010



Group Visits/Tours

The Bartlett Depot Museum welcomes school, scout and other groups by appointment. Admission is FREE. Please call Director Pam Rohleder, 630-837-0800 to schedule a visit.






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